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Sleeping bag

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👶 Fit to 68cm

♻️ 100% organic cotton

🌈 3 colors available

Imagine your child’s first sleep ever: you want them to feel loved, cuddled, protected from everything in the world… You want them embraced in softness; you want them to feel safe and to establish all the best connections with their brand new life on this planet.

This is why Prima Coccola has designed its sleeping bag: a 100% organic cotton warm cloth, ready to wrap up your baby in total safety and comfort. Entirely made in Italy, our “Sacco Nanna” is ready to cuddle your baby during their most important rest phases: the first ones. Available in three different plain colors (cream, dove-gray, and light gray), our sleeping bag is designed to evoke calm and peacefulness - inspired by the original textures of cotton and organic fabrics.

Sleeping bag Prima Coccola

Also, it has wooden buttons with original finishings signed with our brand’s name: Prima Coccola, literally meaning “First Snuggle” in Italian, as a reference to the first care a newborn receives. This name stands for the love we have for babies and reminds the importance of each act of love from the very first instants of life.

Prima Coccola’s sleeping bag is designed exactly with this purpose: embrace your kid in its first months of life, with all the best of care.

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