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Who we are

We are Mauro and Enrico, friends for a lifetime, a recent father of an enchanting little girl and the other "only" uncle of 6 wonderful grandchildren ...

Mauro has been working in the textile industry for 15 years and collaborates with well-known high fashion brands. Enrico is a web marketer and has been creating websites for over 10 years. 😊

Sitting chatting, one evening, we were lost fantasizing about how absurd it would be to be born and already be able to talk (forgive us, but despite everything we are men and have fun with little! 😂)... 



The absurd speech, as you might expect, did not die there, on the contrary (I remind you that we are still men and that the extra half beer helps a bit 😉).

We asked ourselves another question: how can we still give newborns the chance to shout out their names and present themselves to the world? 🤔

Better if we don't get out of balance by saying the first ideas (or maybe it's better to call them stupid thing 🤦) that we had but after some time we came to a conclusion...

"Why don't we create unique and customizable products that accompany newborns in their first days of life and present them to the world?

Natural, non-technological products that respect and cuddle both the newborn and the mother?" 🤗

"Mmmm... that doesn't sound bad at all. "

And that's how from an absurd joke we arrived, after a while, at Prima Coccola!

A blanket and a beanie personalized with the name of the newcomer to be used from the first days after birth.

Unique and non-reproducible garments.

The name is not embroidered or printed on a neutral garment but the work is done directly by machine, each piece becomes a unique work created specifically for your child! 😍

You can choose the colors, sizes, type of yarn and, of course, the name. 

Everything is produced in Italy using high quality raw materials and certified to give the baby, and even the mother, a pleasant sensation to the touch, that is not irrigated and that makes both feel pampered. 🤗

Garmet who have a triple purpose:

👉Intorduce the newcomer to the world

👉Make feel good and comfortable

👉Became a nice childhood memory for when it will be older

Because they will have time to stay away, so as long as they are small it is better to cuddle them at every opportunity! 🤗

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We use only high quality and certified yarn. No allergies or itching

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