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Blanket 100% Organic Cotton - No custom

Blanket 100% Organic Cotton - No custom

Blanket 100% Organic Cotton - No custom

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🇮🇹 Made in Italy

🧶 100% Organic Cotton

🚼 GOTS certified yarn

♻️ 100% Plastic free

🧶 Blanket size 60x90 cm

Keeping your baby warm is among the most important commitments of all parents: sleeping time, feeding, and all its earliest moments of life… when the baby is all wrapped into a cloth - with its skin is a peak of sensitivity, in the earliest stages of his life.

Be it sleeping, feeding or cuddling - this so important cloth can’t be left to chance: and this is why to choose Prima Coccola’s 100% organic cotton blanket!

We have designed a unique blanket exclusively made in the best and 100% natural cotton, that will provide your baby with only the best vibes and feelings during its early stages.

This blanket, specially designed to embrace your kid in perfect softness, will make every growth step an opportunity to sense and experience a cuddle feeling both for you and your baby.

Only certified yarns

We use only high quality and certified yarn. No allergies or itching

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